October 2017 Give-Away Campaign

In October 2017 - the Brighter Brains Institute will launch a "Give-Away" Campaign for Kanungu Humanist Schol.

We will raise money via a GoFundMe and donate it to 4 different groups:

  • Students who have demonstrated excellence in writing an essay about themselves and about humanism.
  • Students who do not have money to pay for school tuition, because they are orphans, or their parents are poor.
  • A poor one-parent household
  •  funds to expand the Kanungu Humanist School Library

This project was introduced by BBI President Karen Zelevinsky; she has had experience with this type of campaign before. 

Cash transfers to the poor have been researched and found to be a very cost effective way to improve lives.

The advantage of this program versus something like GiveDirectly is that you know exactly who the money goes toit's directed at families who are supportive of humanist values.