KanunguHumanists.org is the website for the secular humanist Kanungu community in southwest Uganda, that is supported by the Brighter Brains Institute (BBI), a California nonprofit.

The small village has Kanungu Humanist Primary School, with a lunch program and Community Garden that received funds from BBI. 

BBI also provided funds for a Tilapia Pond to guarantee orphan tuition in the school, and to provide protein to the children. 

Adult Humanist Education is provided to the community, BBI provided cash prize money to excellent students who wrote the best essays on humanism, plus BBI paid 9 orphan tuitions and provided funding to three impoverished families, and BBI expanded The Freethinker Library by donating money to purchase science and humanist books.

Kanungu has two humanist women's associations, that received microfinance funding from BBI, and BBI's 2018 plan is to raise sufficient funding to launch a Passion Fruit Farm, that will (hopefully) provide sustainability to the school.

Kanungu also has a tragic history HERE